jam giving a lecture about prototyping at MakerHive HK
jam has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over a decade of experience as a product designer. As a consultant for a rapid prototyping design firm they were able to help create medical devices, consumer IOT (internet-of-things or "smart") devices, research devices and proof-of-concept functional demonstrations. To complete these projects they worked with a team of engineers as well as a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers all over the world, including in China.


Shenzhen street scene
In July 2018, they had the opportunity to travel to Shenzhen, China to meet some of the manufacturers they had been working with for the past few years. They visited 9 different facilities in a whirlwind 7-day trip, as well as HQB and then delivering a lecture on prototyping in Hong Kong.


jam and Phil in Shenzhen
jam and their colleague Phil Tsao (who now runs Ember Prototypes) travelled together and were able to learn about the most common manufacturing processes in detail.


Huaqiangbei - component supermall in Shenzhen
After returning, with the support of their Patrons on Patreon, jam worked to compile these experiences (with additional research) into an easy-to-read guide to the most common manufacturing processes. Their goal was to broaden the understanding of the people and processes that create electronic devices that people all around the world use every day.


jam at Huaqiangbei - component supermall in Shenzhen
The comic began public relase in May of 2022. It was coloured by Julia Francis with flat assist by Sfé R. Monster. It would not have been possible without the generous people who shared their experiences in Shenzhen (see "thanks" for more info.)

About Jam

Jam in 2020 with their foster cat Kankuro


jam (b.1984) is a Canadian comicker best known for their webcomic Wasted Talent, an autobiographical comedy about their life as a Mechanical Engineer which ran from 2004 to 2016. It was collected in 5 books. Since completing the series, they have released a number of zines and short stories, contributed to anthologies and magazines, and are creating new fiction and nonfiction works aimed at enabling a solarpunk future. Their portfolio and works are collected here on Jammyness.com